George Fegler 1899 - 1958


George Fegler was born in the Ukraine of Polish parents. He enlisted in the Polish army in 1918 and soon became a prisoner of war in Germany. He received his medical degree in 1924 in Warsaw and then held a number of teaching and research posts. Having just been elected to the Chair of Physiology in Vilna he was recalled to the army in 1939 but managed to avoid capture and came to Britain. From 1941 to 1946 he was Professor of Physiology in the Polish School of Medicine in Edinburgh. He then moved to Babraham, Cambridge where he was Principal Scientific Officer at the Agricultural Research Council's Institute of Animal Physiology. Like Henriques, he had wide research interests including problems in haematology, neurochemistry, toxicology, respiratory and high altitude physiology. He was said to be a witty and amusing companion, whose somewhat pessimistic outlook on world affairs was always modified by a sense of humour. His son qualified in medicine at Edinburgh.

(His obituary is in the British Medical Journal October 18th 1958).

Fegler G. Measurement of cardiac output in anesthetized animals by a thermodilution method. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Physiology 1954; 39: 153-164.